Christmas Gift Ideas

Oh how time flies!
Have you guys finished all your Christmas Shopping?
If you need some help with shopping for the knitters in your life
(or if you are the knitter in someone’s life they need to shop for)

Keep reading to see ideas for every budget level πŸ™‚

* Stocking Stuffers *

Everything in this category is wallet-friendly πŸ™‚
Ranging from about $6.00 to $20!

Natty has a wide range of NZ made hand-printed Holiday Cards and Notebooks
While Hugs + Kisses has NZ Handmade Hair Accessories.
If you want to gift someone over-seas something Kiwi, or would like to support local businesses, you can’t go wrong with these πŸ™‚

How about a small and quick project for the makers in your life? 
The Ashford felting kits include all the materials you need for the project!

Where are my pin collectors at?Β 
The Spincycle Enamel Pins are some of the most relatable knitting pins I’ve ever seen.


Trust me; dyeing is so much fun!
This Ashford Intro to Dyeing Kit includes two skeins of 100g yarn, dyes in the primary colours + black, and instructions on dyeing yarn.
It’s how I got into dyeing ( I bought this set at Loopine a year before I started working here πŸ™‚

If it’s kinda difficult for you to gauge how much yarn to buy as a gift,
have a look at our knitting kits section!

Knitting Books and Magazines are things we want,
but may not necessarily buy for ourselves.
Laine has a beautiful selection of patterns for their books and magazines.
If you’re shopping for a young person, they may be into the fun designs and colours that PomPom books and magazines offer.

* Splurging On You*

It is an investment at first,
but a set of interchangeable needles will get you a long way!
Chiaogoo is my go-to brand for interchangeables. 
You can choose from bamboo or stainless steel, half a set or the whole set.
They’ve even got Shorties Sets for small circumference knitting. 

It’s still not too late to get the Hedgehog Fibres Advent!
Opening two mystery skeins a day is so much more fun than just one πŸ˜›

The NZ made Ashford Ball Winder and Umbrella Swift,
are the smoothest winding tools I’ve tried.
If you know someone who always gets a headache when it comes to winding hanks into balls, this is a perfect gift for them. 

Alternatively, if you’re wanting to knit a Christmas gift for someone,

Have a look at our Christmas Gift Knitting blog post with patterns here.Β 

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