All Chunky Yarns 

The weather has been getting warmer,
so this may be the last chance for us to get into our chunky knits!
We’ll introduce you to some chunky yarns and pattern ideas.
You can finish pieces in no time with these yarns!

Browse our 12-14ply yarns here and our 16+/Super Chunky yarns here.

Kinkin Cardigan – Sesia Novecento

The Kinkin Cardigan by Tara-Lyn Morrison is a perfect trans-season piece.
You can layer it in winter for the cosiness, or wear it over a t-shirt when the weather gets warmer.
Knit it with our new Sesia Novecento wool mohair. I promise this will be the fluffiest thing you’ll ever make!

The Social Bubble Jumper – Rowan Big Wool

Inspired by the social bubble we were all trapped in during lockdown. This Social Bubble Jumper by Brenda Lam will hug you like your best friend. 
Like the name suggests, Rowan Big Wool is big and super fast to knit. It comes in a decent colour range, so you’ll definitely find a colour combo you like.

Hedwig – Big Natural Wool Chunky

If you’re sick of all the apparel patterns we’ve been throwing at you, maybe you’d like this Hedwig pattern by Sara Elizabeth Kellner.
The Big Natural Wool Chunky is great for knitting animal toys, as they come in natural animal colours ( and also bright colours).

Awan Vest – Rowan Brushed Fleece

To get us started for Spring, make this Awan Vest that feels like a cloud. It can be paired with anything from long-sleeved tops to being worn alone to suit any weather.
The Rowan Brushed Fleece is so incredibly soft and airy. It’ll be love at first touch.

Dive in to these plushy yarns and show us what you end up making!

Happy Knitting!
Alex and Team Loopine

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