Fibre Artist: Viktoria Karaman- MOONVI

This is Viktoria Karaman of Moonvi creative studio.

Viktoria is a fibre artist based in Auckland who grants unwanted “waste” a brighter life with the help of colourful yarn.

She showed us the fantastic artworks she creates with yarns she finds at Loopine, and we wanted to share them with you!

What got you started in creating art this way? Most people see yarn and think of knitting/crocheting. Was there something in particular that inspired you to use yarn in a different way?

It all started with one special project for the creative company Papaya Stories in May 2019. I got a task to create a “family tree” themed interactive installation. Initially, I intended to use natural and affordable materials, things that surround us in everyday life, simple and familiar, but combine and show them in a new unconventional look, unusual for the viewer. And my unconditional love for trees, vintage items and bright colours played a role. I think these three components: lamps, branches and yarn, perfectly complement each other, emphasizing their features and uniqueness. Wrapping objects tightly with yarn is like creating a cocoon, a protective layer from further damage, my way of taking care of these objects. Also, my technique allows to unfold the beauty of yarn in a new way, which is quite different from traditional methods. A bit later, mesmerized by the pattern on the base of the floor lamps, I decided to create round wall hangings and continued exploring the endless possibilities of yarn, revealing its artistic features.

When you start a project, do you have a clear idea of what it will look like? Or do you kind of go with the flow and see where it goes?

I think both. Some projects are easy to predict. Some are complicated and like a mystery until the final touches. But I always trust my intuition and curiosity. The initial plan can change during production, and it’s okay. I will not force the flow or put limits on my imagination. It’s a journey, a fascinating exploration. And the process of attaching yarn, thread by thread, to the surface is pure meditation for me. I enjoy every step of it, interpreting the appearing pattern and guessing what it evokes within me.

Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you and or your artwork?

First, I accept lamp donations.:) One day, I’ll create the art installation of many different and magnificent Tree Lamps, an enchanted forest.

Or, if you have an old, tired-looking lamp, but are not ready to say goodbye, let’s give it a new look!

Also, I’m open to collaboration, so feel free to contact me.

Here is how Viktoria transformed an old ceramic lamp into her BubbleGum table ‘tree lamp’

Checkout more artworks by Viktoria via Moonvi’s social media accounts

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