Magical Mohair

We got lots of positive feedback after our Summer Knitting Ideas newsletter (naw, thanks you guys 😊) so we thought we’d showcase more beautiful patterns, only this time everything’s mohair.  

What’s so cool about Mohair?

Mohair is a really useful yarn to have on hand, by adding a strand to your knitting project you can make it softer and fluffier. It’s the perfect thing to round out your gauge if you’re a little off, and it just seems to give your knit an ethereal touch of *fancy*!

We’ll admit it, sometimes we make knitting mistakes or have inconsistent stitches but mohair smooths all this over to creates a classic and professional look – it’s the fluff! It’s also super lightweight so you can have a really warm garment without the heavy bulk. It pretty much does it all.

How do I use Mohair?

While mohair can be held double it can also be used entirely on it’s own, or you can mix and match. A pattern like say… stripes can create a varied texture or you can make the most of its beauty in more sophisticated sheer designs.

We’ve chosen a handful of our favorite patterns that feature mohair. Of course there are many more great patterns out there, but hopefully this little selection can help spark our imagination and maybe inspire future projects!

We have a bunch of really great mohair in store  from a few different brands including Happy Go Knitty KarooKremke Soul WoolRowan Kidsilk HazeSesia Vivienne and Sesia Eiffel.

We’re pretty obsessed with it ourselves, so we’ve curated quite the colour selection!

If you’re someone who has a mohair allergy, then may we humbly recommend “Yeah Yeah Yarn Surieal” baby Suri alpaca as a delightful fluffy substitute. 

Happy Knitting 🙂
xx Team Loopine